Bedlam Theatre


Welkom to FanDango EyeLand. Kom drinke. Kom dansk. Hev enyThing. Bee enyWun. Hear arr DenniZens hav no Wurriez. Onlee Plezhur. Sette yore Trubbles asside en kom on in! 'Embarrassingly creative' ***** (, 2012). 'Quite stunning' ***** (, Outstanding Award 2015). This is Babolin's 13th Fringe production. Making his return to Babolin is director, Sam Plumb (The Globe, GhostWriters, YAC). Troubadour Jon Whitten himself (SOAS, Deafinitely Theatre, Blind Summit, Night Light) is in charge of composition. There'll be text and lyrics from Richard Fredman (Babolin, Menagerie, Night Light). With producing from Sam Worboys (Gomito Theatre, Worboys Productions).
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